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Result time

It depends on the individual patient parameters
1 week- 6 months

Treatment time

20 to 40 minutes per session

Good to know

Two machines such as SP3 and Lipo Ultrasound can be used in this treatment


Ultrasound and SP3

How Ultrasonic Body Contouring Works?

Basically, ultrasonic body contouring works by delivering across the skin surface low-intensity waves of ultrasonic energy (sound waves at frequencies above that which can be detected by the human ear – roughly 20 kHz and up). These waves are directed at subcutaneous concentrations of fat.

The ultrasonic waves cause fat cells to vibrate and break down into components which are then absorbed by the surrounding tissues. Once entering the blood stream the previously unmovable fat is carried to the liver and dealt with through normal metabolic function.

The advantages of ultrasonic body contouring are self-apparent. Treatments last around thirty minutes, no anesthesia is necessary, there is no recuperating time, patients can just walk out of the clinic once the treatment session is over and continue on with their daily routine.


Skin lesion of all kinds, ischemia, and arthritis, osteoporosis (reduced bone calcium), pregnant women, client who recently undergone surgery and client with pace maker and bone prosthesis

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