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Result time

You will notice immediate improvement in your skin after laser skin resurfacing but final results may take several months to become apparent


Botulotoxin injections – Dysport;
RF non-surgical lifting;
Filler treatment;
Collagen induction therapy;
Plasmolifting/vampire injections

Treatment time

Most of the treatments lasts 30 min. to 1,5 hours


Treatment requires 3-6 days recovery time. It is virtually painless procedure and potential discomfort caused by it is highly bearable.
It provides the patient with maximum wrinkle reduction and gives natural looking results

Botulotoxin injections – Dysport

The most fastest and easiest way to get glowing and fresh appearance by muscle lifting to face, tighten and sharper jawline and neck lifting without surgery. Must be done age protective procedure for faces with heavy muscle gravity type of aging. For thin wrinkled skin – the only way to prevent plenty of wrinkles.  Do not advise to get ‘any time any area” injection, for long lasting and the best result, should be repeated not earlier than 6 months to prevent the development of immunization effect when introduced medicine gets neutralized without making the effect. Always to discuss compatibility of client’s expectations and desire to medical and anatomical features. The procedure lasts 30 mins. In 2 weeks must be the check up visit for result conclusion and possible adjustment. Possible to get bruises but no down time.  2 weeks after session should be excluded alcohol, antibiotics, hot procedures, gym, steam and any activity around the treated areas. As any medical treatment has contraindications.

RF non-surgical lifting

Over a long period of application, the technique has established itself as a highly effective and safe for own collagen and other important skin components rejuvenation. With regular use 4-15 sessions annually the RF-lifting allows to keep  a skin toned and lifted, fights with the first wrinkles, helps to reduce double chin and smoothes deep wrinkles of face and neck.  By using the technology in various modes is possible to build closer to natural molding face oval. Time of session 10-50 mins. No pain, no down time. The machine is REJUVI.


For  the direct introduction of any needed medicine into the skin, we use needles to get a fast dramatical visible result of healthy glowing and radiant look. To make you confident in your face-neck-decolletage skin appearance for a glamorous evening the best treatment 1-2 days before the event will be mesotherapy with essential microelements such as ascorbic acid to eliminate faster small visible dry wrinkles. No bruises and minimal recovery time is required for 1 day. For long term result and proper wrinkle treatment and wrinkles prevention the more serious ingredients should be chosen and course of 3-6 sessions considered. And as any deep injection technique could leave bruises for 1-5 days. 

Filler treatment

In case the botulotoxin treatment was not carried out in a timely manner for the prevention of the wrinkles, then later to improve unpleasant deep lines is requires a combination of techniques – in the absence of the contraindications first step is botox to lock forming wrinkle muscle and second step is filler (mostly hyaluronic acid base) introduced straitly  under the crease along one in order to push out the bottom of one and to get finally optical smoothness of skin relief.  Down time 1-7 days.

Collagen induction therapy

The length of the procedure for 1 area as face is 1 hour 15 mins. Machine is IBeauty Pen. Before the treatment is required to apply EMLA numbing cream. Recovery time 1-7 days. Main indications are post acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, thick dull grey shaded skin, big open pores and excessive oil production. The best for dark circles under the eyes such as blue and brown, the best for difficult areas as inner corner of lower eyelid to improve color, reduce swelling and treat fine dry wrinkles. Gives a resurfacing effect. 1 session of CIT can replace 4 sessions of chemical peeling.

Plasmolifting/vampire injections

The treatment lasts 1-2 hours, with topical anaesthetic Emla cream, for better long term result 6 sessions during 2 years needed with a special plan but even 1 session gives significant improvement. One of the best treatments for under eyes inner corner wrinkles and deep circles under the eyes. Almost no contraindications as the treatment with own blood use only. Suitable for moms who’s breastfeeding. Amazing procedure for diabetic people for beautification. Recovery time 1-3 days. In our facility we use PRP systems from Switzerland and Korea which makes procedure faster, prevents any blood contamination during the preparation and always give high patient satisfaction. Some techniques of injections are unique in the city: the injections applied within 3 different face’s levels – the fact you get a not comparable result with the same systems of PRP in others doctors hands.

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