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Treatment time

Most of the treatments last 1-2 hours

Result time

It depends on the individual parameters of the patient
1 week-2 months


Acne scar removal
Stretch marks removal
Keloid scars
Post-operative scars

Good to know

You need consultation of the doctor to determine the methods of treatment

Post acne scars removal

After medical assessment will be taken decision what is the best treatment from existing methods for scars removal in each specific case.  All methods used in our facility have a proven clinical efficacy of scar removal.


Stretch marks removal

Laser therapy is the best way to lessen the visibility of stretch marks on the skin. The best type of laser therapy that can be used as the treatment for stretch marks is the pulsed dye laser treatment. This is best for treating early signs of stretch marks when they are still in the shade of red or purple. A person may need a number of sessions for the scars to be totally unnoticeable. However, after medical assessment will be taken decision what is the best treatment from existing methods for stretch marks removal in each specific case. It may also be abdominoplasty, chemical peels, microdermabrasion.

Keloid scars

Treatment is difficult and unpredictable. Nevertheless, considerable and sometimes dramatic relief can be provided by judicious use of special treatment techniques. Injection of locally acting steroid into the lesion is the main-stay of therapy. These injections can be painful but can be made painless with extra care. We use a special technique to make this almost painless. Other treatments such as pressure therapy, laser, and silicone tapes are also prescribed; the patient will be guided fully by the doctor and his staff.

Post-operative scars (breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, tummy tuck etc.)

During the procedure of laser treatment for scars, short pulses of the micro-fine laser are used to make scars less visible. They penetrate the deep layers of skin and treats the support structure of skin and also boost the collagen production. Older damaged tissues of skin are removed as a result of the healing process and a new fresh layer of skin appears. It is a brief, simple and easily tolerable procedure that does not require downtime. It takes as little as 30 minutes of time depending on the size of the scar. More than one sessions are required for this purpose and with every next session, scars lighten and finally disappears. The procedure works on every type of skin whether it is dark or light.

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