About service
Treatment time

20 minutes - 40 minutes


Anti-aging lips treatment
Refreshment, moisturizing filler treatment
Re-shaping, contouring
Lips augmentation filler and auto logical fat
Pain management

Result time

1-2 months
It depends on the individual parameters of the patient

Good to know

You need consultation of the doctor to determine the methods of treatment

Lips rejuvenation and enhancement

A variety of treatments to make lips look healthier, more defined, more proportional or different shape or just bigger. Depends on the needs and inquiries of a patient could be used soft, normal or strong long lasting filler to give or change a contour of lips, to make them delicate plumpy, to give a symmetry or create new obviously greater lips.  For treatment used filler hyaluronic acid based gel, recovery 2-14 days. Depends on the needs the injection could be repeated in 3 -12 months of never done again without any adverse. Do not recommended to inject straight away before your important day, 7 should be left for recovery of swelling and bruises. Pain management is topical numbing liquid or dental anaesthesia so no pain


Combines the maximum dosage of anti-aging peptides as a highly effective application for a youthful, relaxed and fresh appearance. The effective alternative for injections! Facial lines are relaxed; wrinkles caused by aging are reduced. Ideal for light-damaged, barrier damaged, dry and mature skin. 1,5 hours. No downtime.

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