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Permanent and Effective Tattoo Removal Dubai

Elite Style Polyclinic is a professional tattoo removal Dubai that offers effective solutions for men and women who want to remove unwanted tattoos anywhere on the body  for over 17 years.

Laser Tattoo Removal is a method to remove the appearance of tattoos on the skin.

The treatment is non-invasive and involves the use of a precise laser device. The laser penetrates the layers of skin to target ink particles in the tattoo. This process disrupts down the structure of the image and begins to break up the particles. With a number of treatment sessions, the tattoo will gradually fade. The body’s natural immune system will flush out dead ink particles. Over time, the tattoo will be barely noticeable.


Laser Tattoo Removal is accomplished by the use of specialized lasers that deliver extremely short pulses of high-intensity laser light into the treated area. The tattoo ink particles absorb the laser energy, which causes the particles to break apart. The tattoo ink is shattered into smaller fragments that are then safely removed by the body’s natural elimination system. Laser Tattoo Removal is a safe and effective method to fade and get rid of unwanted tattoos. Whether a tattoo has faded or is no longer a desired part of your look or lifestyle, we can help with the use of our advanced laser tattoo removal technology. Our FDA-approved lasers are the most advanced on the market and are specifically designed to remove all colors of tattoo ink. We have the best capabilities to remove all colors of ink, including bright blues and greens on all skin types. We specialize in safely treating all skin types, notably darker skin types. Our physician-designed and guided treatment protocols minimize the risks often associated with treating dark skin types and ensure excellent results. Our Picocare laser provides game-changing multi-wavelength capabilities. As a result, it is now possible to remove your tattoo with fewer treatments, significantly less pain, and better results.

Benefits of Our Laser Tattoo Removal

Guarantee Results

We achieve your desired results with 4 -10 sessions. Some colors may require more treatments.

Competitive Price

We offer our tattoo removal services at an affordable price compare to our competitors.

Pain-Free Process

Our advanced techniques give the safe and painless experience with minimal scarring.

personalized Care

We tailor each treatment plan to your unique skin type and tattoo characteristics.

  • Eyebrow tattoos can be removed as well

Although the majority of clients use laser tattoo removal for torso, arm, and leg tattoos, the treatment is also effective for eyebrow tattoos. Our laser eyebrow tattoo removal service has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is due to the trend of eyebrow tattoos, particularly on women. The process works in much the same way: a laser passes through the skin to target ink particles. Clients may experience some minor pain. But the pain is tolerable and not excessive.

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    An effective, proven method for tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is one of the few effective methods for tattoo removal. Although multiple treatment sessions are usually required, the procedure is cost-effective and non-invasive. Clients often see an improvement after 6 sessions, and the results continually improve as the body removes broken down ink particles. In terms of value and likelihood of results, laser tattoo removal Dubai is among the most popular tattoo removal treatments available.

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    Overview of the tattoo removal procedure

The procedure first starts with a detailed consultation. A qualified practitioner will discuss the treatment and examine the tattoo to be removed. Any risks, health considerations, and potential problems will be addressed during the meeting. If the client wishes to book a treatment, a laser will be used to target areas of the tattoo. Multiple sessions may be required if the tattoo is especially large. Smaller tattoos require fewer sessions. But it depends on the colors used, among other factors. The practitioner will be able to advise how many sessions may be needed prior to treatment.

  • Alternative methods for tattoo removal in Dubai

Besides using a laser, other methods exist for the best tattoo removal Dubai. Surgical removal is one method. But this procedure is highly invasive and expensive. It also requires a hospital stay and has a longer recovery time. Clients who take a surgical option often report high levels of pain and skin disfiguration. Satisfaction ratings are average at best. Dermabrasion is another method and involves the removal of skin layers using a rotating sanding-like device. The tattoo is ‘sanded’ off the skin. The aim is to promote the growth of new, more youthful skin. However, the process is expensive and painful. Results vary considerably from person to person. DIY tattoo removal kits also exist but are largely gimmicks and ineffective. Therefore, laser tattoo removal Dubai is the most affordable, non-invasive, and practical method for tattoo removal.

  • Relatively Pain-Free - But There Is Some Discomfort

Most clients who undergo laser tattoo removal experience minor to mild discomfort. The treatment is not completely pain-free. However, it is far more tolerable than surgical or dermabrasion methods. Topical skin-numbing cream can be used to minimize pain. Removing larger tattoos is more painful than removing smaller ones.

laser tattoo removal before and after

Results can be seen after a couple of sessions

Most clients who undergo laser tattoo removal experience minor to mild discomfort. The treatment is not completely pain-free. However, it is far more tolerable than surgical or dermabrasion methods. Topical skin-numbing cream can be used to minimize pain. Removing larger tattoos is more painful than removing smaller ones


DISCLAIMER: The results of the treatment depend on individual characteristics of a patient and may be other than the results shown on the photo.

People Also Asked Tattoo Removal FAQ

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Laser tattoo removal is generally not painful, but the level of discomfort or irritation on the area treated can vary depending on individual skin type and sensitivity. Some people may feel minimal pain, while others might experience more discomfort.

Can tattoos be 100% removed?

Complete tattoo removal is possible, but it depends on various factors such as the tattoo's age, size, colors, and the individual's skin type. Some tattoos may leave slight traces or shadows, but many can be removed almost entirely with the right treatment and multiple sessions.

How many sessions to remove a tattoo?

Generally tattoo removal may need 4 to 8 sessions, while professional ones with harder inks might require more sessions.

How Can I Book Your Appointment?

You can book your appointment by our pre-booking form or directly click the chat or call button and get your service.

Who are not allowed to laser tattoo removal?

Individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have certain medical conditions like keloid scarring or active skin infections, or are taking medications that increase photosensitivity may not be suitable for laser tattoo removal. It's essential to consult with a qualified professional for personalized advice.

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