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Treatment time

1 to 3 hours

Result time

1- 5 days


Q switch N.D. Yag laser.

Good to Know

For best result, it is advice to follow before and after instructions for laser


The Q Switch Helios III uses patented Nd:Yag technology with the newest industry features and technology. Each of the Helios III hand piece provides a high stability of output energy. The most amazing feature of the Helios III Nd:Yag laser is its ability to adjust from Single Pulse to Twin Pulse.

The Single Pulse provides a single focused beam that features more power than its competitors. The beam profile of the Helios III Single Pulse consists of one peak delivering a high amount of focused energy. The single pulse function is ideal for treating tattoos and temporary hair reduction.

The Twin Pulse, also called Pulse to Pulse, provides a dual pulse which is having two smaller peaks closer together rather than one single pulse. Thus resulting dual pulse which delivers more energy than the single pulse but spread it just over both peaks.

How Do I Know if I Need this Treatment?

The Q-switched laser is an appropriate treatment if you want to remove fine hairs anywhere on the body. We stress that this treatment is only temporary hair removal. It is widely use for temporary hair reduction of fine hair since it delays hair growth which usually lasts 1-3 months, better option than waxing and shaving which causes rough skin and ingrown hairs.

The Q-switched laser is not appropriate for pregnant women or patients who have taken Accutane for the past six months. Persons with a history of cold sores or herpes simplex virus should not have this procedure until they are treated for the said conditions.

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