Hand Rejuvenation

Quick Facts

Treatment Time

30 Minutes

Result Time

1-2 years


Solar and Age marks, wrinkles hand treatment Filler hyaluronic acid base Plasma lifting/vampire injections – PRP – platelet rich plasma therapy IPL skin rejuvenation

Good to Know

You need consultation of t he doctor to determine the methods of treatment


Hand rejuvenation is a commonly requested treatment at Elite Style Polyclinic. It is the ideal solution for patients concerned with the skin quality of their hands or their veiny appearance.

Frequently the focus of cosmetic improvement is the face, yet one of the most age-telling body features neglected are our hands. The skin on the back of the hands is extremely thin and loss of fat padding shows quickly. Take away this cushion and all the structures in the hand show up, the tendons, bones and the veins.

The natural fat cushion that we are born with begins to lessen in our late twenties and early 30′s. By the time most of us approach 50, we have hands that tell the truth about our age and often they can actually make us seem older than we are!

Our hands Rejuvenation Treatment can restore the volume on the back of the hands that has been lost due to the natural ageing process via a very simple and convenient procedure. The treatment is highly effective and non time-consuming. It also delivers long-lasting results.

It is safe, effective and extremely popular both for its immediate effectiveness and long duration. It can also be injected into the cheek and chin area to provide completely natural looking facial sculpting.

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    Solar & Age Marks

Solar and Age marks, wrinkles hand treatment With age the hands’ skin get visible pigmented marks and dry lines as a result of metabolic changes, environmental and sun damages.

  • Filler hyaluronic acid base

Filler hyaluronic acid base to restore the volume of back sides of hands by filling the spaces between the tendons which gives a youthful plumpness to hands. The procedure lasts 30 minutes, result for 1-2 years.

  • Plasma lifting/vampire injections – PRP – platelet rich plasma therapy

Plasma lifting/vampire injections – PRP – platelet rich plasma therapy. Amazing solution for dry wrinkled marked and pigmented skin of hands. Good to repeat sessions every 1-3 months for 1-6 sessions. Recovery 0-2 days.

  • IPL skin rejuvenation

IPL skin rejuvenation performevd with machine Luminence by MultiWELL. Useful for aging and solar marks, fine wrinkles and small superficial vein net. Every 2 weeks 4-8 sessions. Recovery 0-7 days.

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