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Procedure time

1 hour, every 2 weeks, 10 sessions by protocol

Recovery time

0-6 days


The Elite Style Policlinic uses the advanced VECTRA 3D imaging system to provide our patients with a complete education possible regarding their plastic surgery procedures. Using VECTRA's software simulation tools, we can create 3-D representations of how you could look after surgery

Important to know

Tell your doctor if you have received any other botulinum toxin product in the last 4 months; have recently received an antibiotic by injection; have taken muscle relaxants, an allergy or cold medicine

Corrective acne treatment "Nimue"

Medical treatment which consists of regular topical applications of registered medicines to treat acne and acne prone skin. The results are reduction of active acne, sebum control, reduction of skin sensitivity, blackheads prevention, hyperkeratosis correction and smooth skin surface

Fading treatment "Nimue"

Medical treatment with regular topical application of proven scientifically pigments production control ingredients.  The result is more even skin color, prevention of new upcoming pigmentation and reduction existing

Cell Power Reviderm treatment

Can be performed in two variations: with (1,5 hour) and without (1 hour) collagen hydrolage gyps mask. It is intensive activation of cell metabolism, releasing of the skin’s own and external vital ingredients and also smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. A treatment for very mature and tired skin. Down time 1-5 days. In 7-8 days after Cell Power facial is advised an after-treatment.


Procedure for a wide range of skin imperfections with almost immediate result and no downtime after. In Elite Style  Polyclinic we use aluminium hydroxide powder with precisely equal size and shape of each crystal to ensure gentle and deep polishing  result with no mechanical trauma. Intensity if exfoliation could be adjusted and customized depends on sensitivity of a skin and treated problem. Lasts 30-60 mins. Could be done once or as a course every 1-2 weeks during 1-3 months according to skin repairing 28 days for epidermis and 90 days for deep dermis layer.


Is one of the basic ‘’must be done monthly’’ procedure for everyone. Allows to keep pores shrinked and to prevent white/blackhead comedones. Helps to get out old unnecessary hornycells from the surface of the skin and from sebum glands ducts. The design of the procedure will vary  from skin needs and inquiry of customer (with/without steam, hot mask/no hot mask preparation, enzyme preparation, ultrasonic machine, vacuum, with/without microdermabrasia) Lasts from 1 to 1,5 hours. Downtime is 1 day.

Express Lifting with botox effect

Combines the maximum dosage of anti-aging peptides as a highly effective application for a youthful, relaxed and fresh appearance. The effective alternative for injections! Facial lines are relaxed; wrinkles caused by aging are reduced. Ideal for light-damaged, barrier damaged, dry and mature skin. 1,5 hours. No downtime.

Summer triple peel

Consists of 3 kinds of peeling and uses the synergy – effect for the regeneration of the skin. Biological peeling by the enzyme to prepare, microdermabrasia as mechanical peeling to polish skin and chemical organic glycolic acid in low concentration to improves the re-build of the skin. Benefits are removal and prevention of black/white heads, lightning, sebum production reduction, smoothness of the surface of the skin, pores tightening. Downtime 0-1 days. Lasts 45 min.

Pore reduction, strong peeling "Rejuvi"

Medical facial to treat active acne and to get pore reduction result by managing sebum production, gems and hyperkeratosis as a scientifically proven 3 of 4 reasons of acne. Down time 3-6 days, should be as minimum 6 sessions for the stable result every 2 weeks. No sun exposure!

Non-invasive mesotherapy

Non invasive mesotherapy facial is the ultimate way to achieve a glowing, toned face. It infuses the skin with vitamin goodness to optimize your skin’s ability to rejuvenate, lift and tone your face. So if you feel like your skin is getting dull and the stress simply shows on your face this treatment will help to revitalize your skin!  No downtime and immediate result. 30 mins. With galvanic machine.

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