Face Contouring

Quick Facts

Treatment Time

20 minutes 1,5 hours


Result Time

2 months- 1 year



Botulotoxin injections – Dysport;
Plasma lifting/vampire injections – PRP – platelet rich plasma therapy;
R F- non-surgical lifting;
Filler on Hyaluronic acid base;
Non-surgical therapeutical thread lift;
Profile – nose and chin adjustment

Good to Know

You need consultation of the doctor to determine the methods of treatment


Beauty trends may come and go but the desire for a perfectly sculpted face is here to stay. Aesthetic contouring is shaping the face with gentle tweaks to make it more aesthetically appealing. It may mean slimming the face with botox, or jawline enhancement with fillers, removing under eye circles, improving the symmetry of lips, increasing the length of the chin, removing a double chin, improving the profile, fixing the nose with fillers, and more. It can also mean thread lifting for tightening and contouring.

The face is the most remarkable and memorable part of a person’s body. We always remember someone visually with the face forming a prominent part of our memory. Your face also affects your confidence positively or negatively depending on how beautiful or perfect you find your face. Sometimes if a person is not blessed with a flawless face it hinders their social and professional interactions as well. 

Botulotoxin injections – Dysport

The most fastest and easiest way to get glowing and fresh appearance by muscle lifting to face, tighten and sharper jawline and neck lifting without surgery. Must be done age protective procedure for faces with heavy muscle gravity type of aging. For thin wrinkled skin – the only way to prevent plenty of wrinkles.  Do not advise to get ‘any time any area” injection, for long lasting and the best result, should be repeated not earlier than 6 months to prevent the development of immunization effect when introduced medicine gets neutralized without making the effect. Always to discuss compatibility of client’s expectations and desire to medical and anatomical features. The procedure lasts 30 min. In 2 weeks must be a check up visit for result conclusion and possible adjustment. Possible to get bruises but no down time.  2 weeks after session should be excluded alcohol, antibiotics, hot procedures, gym, steam and any activity around the treated areas. As any medical treatment has contraindications.

Plasma lifting/vampire injections – PRP – platelet rich plasma therapy

One of the best procedures to get tighter skin under the chin-jawline-neck area and reduce a loosen and saggy skin is kind of PRP with hyaluronic acid. Takes 45 minutes, 0-5 days recovery, good to repeat every 2-6 months.

R F - non-surgical lifting

Over a long period of application, the technique has established itself as a highly effective and safe for own collagen and other important skin components rejuvenation. With regular use 4-15 sessions annually the RF-lifting allows to keep  a skin toned and lifted, fights with the first wrinkles, helps to reduce double chin and smoothes deep wrinkles of face and neck.  By using the technology in various modes is possible to build closer to natural molding face oval. Time of session 10-50 mins. No pain, no downtime. The machine is REJUVI.

Filler on Hyaluronic acid base

The safest and most preferred material for restoring lost facial proportions and volumes, to give emphasis to certain parts of the face as well as cheekbones, chin, and lips.

The latest technology of using the fillers, it is not just enhancement of different parts of the face, it is now the anti-ageing volumetric restoration of the face. By normal aging, our face loses the volume of packs of different parts of the face. So, if physician trained in volumetric correction technique, it is very easy to identify your individual condition. And by restoration of loosening volume with filler injection, you can get younger 3 or 7 years for the face. As the fillers will be injected into your face, you need to be sure it is safe 100% safe and certified medicine.

We use fillers from hyaluronic acid. It is a full resorbable ingredient, which is located inside the tissues and inside the skin. The function of hyaluronic acid is holding the water as a net structure. For ironing the wrinkles, asymmetric correction, lips enhancement as well we can use the fillers.

Under the skin, hyaluronic acid accumulates a big amount of water that will do increasing of volume of the skin in injection place. We can correct the defects in areas, where is own hyaluronic acid becomes insufficiency.

And not always is visible that lips with fillers. The result depends on desire of the patient. For smokers lips filling is prophylactic for earlier mimic wrinkles around the mouth.

For ladies after 35 yrs. old with visible wrinkles around the lips, and when the lips look empty fillers in professional hands can do the magic transformation.

For different targets, there is all line of Teosyal fillers from (Teoxane.com), Juvederm (juvederm.com) and organic filler Neauvia (neauvia.com)  which is registered in Europe and U.A.E.

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