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Quick Facts

Treatment Time

This treatment generally takes 20 minutes depending on the treated area. There are a series of 4 treatments. They are done twice a week over 2 weeks.

Result Time

This is a non-invasive procedure and has zero recovery time when compared to other methods. 



EmTone incorporates Synergistic emission of thermal monopolar radiofrequency and Targeted Pressure Energy enables treatment of the root causes instead of suppressing the symptoms.

Good to Know

EmTone treats all 5 causes of Cellulites and will leave you feel better than ever in your own skin.



Smooth + Tighten Skin


EMTone is a noninvasive skin treatment that targets cellulite and slackening skin. To date, it’s the best noninvasive device to fight cellulite and slackening skin, requiring no time away from social and professional activities at all. EMTone is also approved by the American FDA as a benchmark device for treating cellulite.

Emtone is a combination device that simultaneously delivers monopolar radiofrequency device and pressure wave therapy to the skin. Specialized, safe electrical energy is delivered by the Emtone handpiece to the skin. A grounding pad, usually placed on one’s back during the treatment, ensures safe delivery of the radiofrequency. At the same time, the Emtone device emits acoustic waves that disrupt and stimulate the skin.

During treatment, radiofrequency energy flows from the treatment tip to the skin, warming the skin to approximately 42 to 44 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, collagen undergoes structural changes. Over a period of weeks to months following treatment, new collagen growth is encouraged, leading to improvement in skin texture, laxity, and cellulite.

How does EMTONE BTL work?

Emtone targets the major causes of cellulite with a combination of mechanical targeted pressure energy, also known as acoustic waves, and radiofrequency (RF).

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