General Practitioner

With laser privileges and good background on General Aesthetic service

Sales Person

Arabic speaker is a must, minimum 3 years sale experience, energetic, approachable, positive, socializing, with knowledge aesthetic procedures to be able to sale the services.

GP Cosmetology / Dermatology / Physician Aesthetic

GP Cosmetology / Dermatology / Physician Aesthetic, with a minimum of 5 years experience of working in the same field. Candidate should have excellent communication skills, positive, enthusiastic, open to new challenges.

DHA License
Has good experience in medical Aesthetic Treatments.


With a minimum of 5 years experience.Knowledge of Aesthetic procedure. Looking for Russian / East European Doctor Gynecology, to work in Aesthetic Polyclinic.

Laser therapist/ Beautician/ Nurse

Laser therapist/ Beautician/ Nurse with a minimum of 2 years experience of working in the same field. on Medical Aesthetic services

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