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Glorious 17 Years of Aesthetic Treatments in Dubai

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New Age Aesthetic Treatments

Elite Style Polyclinic is an independent, private medical facility operating in Dubai since 2007. We aim to deliver advanced, safe and proven techniques in different fields such as Dentistry, Aesthetics, Body Slimming and Contouring, and Laser treatments in confidential and professional environment.

Our goal is to provide unique services and ensure a warm and satisfying visit. The medical team here will provide you with all the details of any procedure in a professional friendly manner.

We look forward to exceed your expectations.

Our team of experts including physicians and specialist perform a wide range of services from removing hair and wrinkles to more sophisticated procedures such as body contouring through plastic approve machines and devices. The Elite Style Polyclinic also offer medically based skin treatments including microdermabrasion, chemical peels and facials.

Our Mission

We are passionate about our mission to deliver healthcare services to patients that go above and beyond anything they’ve experienced before. Our team of medical professionals bring experience and knowledge to the community, showcasing a wide range of experience across specialties. The pristine facility is a combination of comfort, convenience and sophistication at every stage, for every patient. 

We will deliver clinical Experience, which is to provide evidence-based clinical practice delivered in a coordinated and integrated way.

A person-centered experience, supported by systems and processes, that focuses on patients, families, and all members of our organization A genuine sense of caring and concern seeing our service provisions as relationships and not transactions with patients, families, and one another.


  • Integrity: We operate in a transparent, evidence-based and ethical environment.
  • Caring: We care, beyond healthcare.
  • Mutual respect: We treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • Accountability: We accept responsibility and commit to continuous learning.
  • Trust: We can count on each other.


We belong to a credible healthcare network committed to provide the local community with our experience medical professionals, technology based practices to deliver healthcare culture revolving around patient.


Caring is part of our mission hence we provide the good healthcare experience to our patient which goes beyond clinical treatment. We are bringing a healthy clinical environment to our local community where our professional caregivers will make the impossible possible


We operate in a transparent, evidence-based and ethical environment where we value our patients, business partners and people.

Our Certificate