You are currently viewing 10 tips for healthy skin this summer!

10 tips for healthy skin this summer!

Read our top 10 tips for keeping your skin healthy this summer!

  • Stay hydrated Higher temperatures can lead to internal dehydration, which can cause headaches and dizzy spells. Drink 2 litters of water every day to stay on top of hydration.
  • Stay out of midday sun If you are spending the summer in Dubai, you will obviously stay out of this midday sun!
  • Wear a hat! Your facial skin will benefit from the shade over it in the heat of the sun
  • Wear sunglasses The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive and they protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays, which could otherwise lead to cataracts
  • Apply sunscreen Apply sunscreen every 2 hours
  • Repair and treat sun damage A tan may be a popular look, but it indicates damage. UV light causes photo aging, coarse skin and wrinkles.
  • Soothe overexposed skin Aloe Vera or other soothing gels can help you soother your skin after sun damage. However, prevention is better than the cure: apply sunscreen before going out!
  • Rinse skin after swimming Chlorine can dry out your skin and for some people even result in an allergic reaction.
  • Eat well! Sugar and refined foods contribute to premature aging. Choose from the rainbow of fruits and vegetable colours to ensure you are getting all the antioxidants and nutrients your skin needs
  • Examine your skin At least once a month, perform a mole review to check for signs of sun damage on your skin. Be especially alert to moles that have changed shape or size or that hurt, itch or bleed. In case of questions, call your dermatologist.

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